The New Gmail Promotion Tab – How Do The Wolves Stack Up?

Google has recently introduced another change to the Promotions Tab

Google Promotions Tab

Photo From Google

To engage your recpients in the past, your best first impression would come from your From Name, Subject Line and Preheader text. With the new change in gmail, there has been a shift to focus more on imagery.

Litmus has written a great primer on customizing the promotional images using schemas.

Without the custom code, Google tries its best to select an appropriate image to use. We haven’t implemented schemas in our promotional emails. Here is how our emails are currently looking in the Promotions tab.

Adelman RetiresDon't Blink

Don't Miss A MomentCourtside GiveawayPack ProfileAnthem Buddies

Here are a few things I noticed about how our Timberwolves emails appear.

Imagery looks great

We have access to high quality photos and I believe we do a great job of using imagery in our emails to drive action.

Lack of calls to action

While we do use images well, they are nearly almost devoid of a Call To Action. This is something we’ll need to test. For offers like our 40% off Merchandise, discount details in the image might have worked to our advantage.

Who is affected?

I need to figure out if I need to generate schemas for Promotional emails. In order to do this, I need to get a breakdown of domains in our database.

Here are the top 10 Domains:


Gmail is #2!

In order to be more effective with our Gmail recpients. I should absolutely invest in putitng together the customized Promotion Tab imagery.

How are you adjusting your email marketing with the changes to Gmail Promotional Tab?